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Editor’s Note: Hot Summer Weather and Insulin Stability

Jun 20, 2011

Over the past month there have been record high temperatures all over the US. Cities that were at minus 45° Fahrenheit with wind chill in February were at 104° just two weeks ago, and summer just started today. All this heat can have a very negative effect on insulin stability and we need to let our patients know what to do. This week’s Disaster Averted focuses on what happens when insulin gets too darn hot.

Our Homerun Slides this week continue to explain Diabetic Eye Disease and how the development of diabetes coincides with the development of eye problems, and our Case Study points out the need for simple tests and evaluations for many of our patients.

Thank you again, everyone, for taking our GLP-1 Survey. You gave us some great feedback and you’ll be seeing the results of this valuable insight in the next issues of our special eight-week GLP-1 series.