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Editor’s Note, GLP-1 Analog Special Edition, June 2015

Jun 14, 2015

When a new idea comes along in medicine usually the clinician who first came up with the idea is ostracized by his or her less adventerous colleagues. There is nowhere this is more obvious than in the diabetes arena.

One of our board members, Dr. Richard Bernstein, turned 81 today. It was a mere 46 years ago when, as an industrial engineer who had diabetes, he figured out that tracking carb intake, checking blood glucose levels on a regular basis, and injecting insulin based on that information would be the best way to improve his own care. Although today we all take that for granted, some of us remember when the whole medical community and even the ADA said that it was impossible and if the engineer had not decided to go back to school to become a doctor, our outlook on managing insulin-using patients would likely be totally different.

Just as Dr. Bernstein’s ideas were ridiculed at first, the concept of using "lizard spit" to fix blood glucose levels was also treated with disdain by established clinicians. However now that we are 10 years into the use of GLP-1 analogs, the attitudes have certainly changed. This month we are sharing how the biological GLP-1 process works and how you can help your patients stay adherent to their GLP-1 regimen.