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Editor’s Note, DCMS #257

Sep 7, 2015

daveThe diabetes newsletters and services have all been carrying articles about the artificial pancreas. There are three basic components to the device. There is a pump to deliver insulin and a pump to deliver glucagon, however, the “brains” of the system is the glucose reading device. Without the brains, then the other two components just work randomly with dangerous consequences. The reason that the whole idea of an artificial pancreas has been the development of reliable CGM (continuous glucose monitoring) devices. These devices have been helping patients for many years. During this time, the accuracy has gotten much better and the sensors last much longer. Our Senior Intern, Diana Jules, from the University of South Florida College of Pharmacy, got an advanced copy of a new book by Gary Scheiner, MS, CDE, Practical CGM, and she has prepared a concise Book Review for you to read.

In our Exclusive Interview, George Bakris, MD, explains microalbuminuria as a sign of kidney disease, how often to test for it, and how to see if you can prevent it, while our Homerun Slides look at the effect of some oral medications on insulin in the body. And Diabetes Disasters Averted, we see the importance of not only teaching a patient how to achieve glucose goals, but the importance of patience in the meanwhile.