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Editor’s Note, DCMS #256

Aug 28, 2015

While researching some information for a CE I was preparing, I found out that approximately 74% of patients with diabetes have mild to severe hypertension. This means that in addition to the possible kidney damage caused by diabetes, most or our patients are also at risk for more kidney damage related to higher blood pressure values. That is why, in Clinical Gems, we are featuring the information from David Levy, MD FRCP on the management of hypertension. This week, he discusses why ARB use is so important and why not all ARB’s are created equal.

Our Homerun Slides focus on the use of insulin therapy to prevent beta cell burnout and our Exclusive Interview with Dr. George Bakris focuses on the cost of dialysis and some options for patients who are visiting treatment centers.

Our Diabetes Disasters Averted looks at how important explicitly written instructions can be to help keep patients from making dire medical mistakes.