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Editor’s Note, DCMS #236

Apr 13, 2015

On Monday I was in Kentucky visiting my sister and my dad, and I rented a bike for a couple of days’ riding. When I told one of my sister’s friends that I would probably ride about 30-40 miles each day she looked at me and said, "You don’t need to lose any more weight, so why ride?" I tried to explain to her that there were more benefits to exercise than weight loss, but it was all she could focus on. Often times our diabetes patients try to exercise with an expectation of weight loss but find that it doesn’t work. This is why in this week’s Mastery In Minutes video our publisher, Steven Freed, talks to Dr. Joe Houmard about the benefits of exercise, and how weight loss should not be the main goal.

Part of the reason that we have problem with losing weight has to do with how insulin resistance, and how adipocytokine syndrome affects the patient. This week, our Homerun Slides address some of the effects caused by this condition. Our Diabetes Disaster Averted emphasizes the importance of being as prepared as possible, and in our Clinical Text this week, we continue to look at how infections can affect your patients.