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Editor’s Note, DCMS #234

Mar 30, 2015

"Heloderma suspectum" is the buzz phrase this week. It turns out that he is a cousin of Martin, the green lizard of Geico fame, and was the first reptile to make using incretins in diabetes therapy possible. This class has changed the ideas we previously had about diabetes management and this week our Clinical Text looks at the best ways to maximize incretin therapy in hyperglycemic patients.

Our Homerun Slides focus on the reasons that getting fatter causes diabetes and why we tend to gain weight no matter how hard we try. This goes along perfectly with this week’s video where Peter Katzmarzyk, PhD talks about how hard it is to eat right and exercise in some environments. And our Disaster Averted looks at how we can cause hyperglycemia in the hospital by withholding long-term insulin.