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Editor’s Note, DCMS #233

Mar 23, 2015

About a year ago one of my pharmacist colleagues called me and was complaining about his blood glucose levels. At the age of 37 he had developed diabetes and was placed on metformin. His glucose improved and he went on a wellness program. After three months he had not lost a single pound and was frustrated. Then something magical happened: he lost 22 lbs the next month without changing a single thing. He called me to brag and then I asked him what his glucose readings were and he fessed up that they were in the 400’s. This week’s Disaster Averted reminded me of what happened and what we found out.

Decreasing metabolism is a major factor in diabetes development and it goes right along with insulin resistance. This week our new Homerun Slides series focuses on how the two can work together to make the diabetes epidemic grow. Our Mastery In Minutes video from Dr. Peter Katzmarzyk shows how increasing physical activity during waking hours can improve diabetes and metabolism, and if you can’t fix the high readings with their help then check out our Clinical Text for the best answers.