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Editor’s Note, DCMS #232

Mar 16, 2015

Last week in our main newsletter we shared our latest one-page handout for helping diabetes patient with food recommendations. Many of you commented on the numbers we chose and how we proposed to get there. This week our Clinical Text looks at how controlling the macronutrient, carbohydrates, can improve glucose very quickly. If you check out what Dr. David Levy has to say you will begin to understand why we chose our food choice targets. 

Our Homerun Slides look at how insulin glargine U100 compares with the newer long acting formulations, and our Disaster Averted hones in on what happens when patients stop their office follow-ups. And if you want to be a "sitting" expert then listen to what Dr. Peter Katzmarzyk has to say about how long you can sit a day and still be healthy.