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Editor’s Note, DCMS #231

Mar 9, 2015

We have always been very focused here at Diabetes in Control on the value of physical activity for the prevention of diabetes and reduction of obesity. We offer apps for your patients and we even have our own physical activity guru, Dr. Sheri Colberg. The reason that we do all this is because of the overwhelming number of studies that say increased activity leads to better health. The real question to think about, however, is not whether this exercise works but is there data that shows how being sedentary is detrimental to patients’ health? Or do we just assume that because of a correlation between inactivity and diabetes and obesity that a sedentary life is the cause? To help address this conundrum, our publisher, Steven Freed, sat down with Peter T. Katzmarzyk, Ph.D, and asked him to share his research into these ideas.

The discussion that Steve had with Dr. Katzmarzyk looked at diabetes as a progressive disease, and our Clinical Text discusses the ways to stem that progression before it gets out of hand. Our Homerun Slides focus in on the new insulins and how they may do a better job on patients who have need larger doses of insulin, while in our Diabetes Disaster Averted, we see how diabetes education can show up outside the clinic.