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Editor’s Note, DCMS #227

Feb 9, 2015

Ten years ago when a patient checked into the hospital for severe hypo- or hyperglycemia we took the attitude that if we could get them back to normal and get them home then our job was done. That was before we knew how many other medications affected glucose levels and how the proper use of medications can cut down on the length of the patient’s stay and cost. That is why this week we start a two-part series in our Clinical Text selection on how to manage diabetes when patients are in the hospital. This week, we focus on how the goals should be individualized.

A recent survey showed that less than 17% of all type 2 patients get diabetes education. Part of that may have to do with our methods of talking about education. This week’s Disaster Averted looks at how you describe education can affect attendance and outcomes.

Diabetic Macular Edema (DME) has been treated many ways over the past 30 years but there has never been a time when we can treat this disease as well as we do now. That is a good thing because, along with the increase in diabetes, there will be an increase in DME. Our Homerun Slides this week delve into DME treatments and how they have evolved. Our Mastery In Minutes video may surprise you when you find out how many common substances have not been fully researched for their potential effects on obesity rates.