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Editor’s Note, DCMS #221

Dec 29, 2014

We sometimes think that if our patients are told what to do they will do it. We tend to forget that there is much more to managing diabetes with insulin than with pills. Patients who are very persistent in taking their oral meds can be completely turned off to taking anything they have to inject. In some cultures, having to take medications is interpreted as being weak and often this feeling is enough to prevent patients from taking medications even at the risk of death. This week’s Disaster Averted points to the delicate steps that we often need to take with our patients, and how, if we try to push too hard on what seems logical to us, a life or death situation can develop.

Our Clinical Text goes right along with the points in the case mentioned above and there is probably more information about succeeding with patients in this chapter than anywhere else you will read in this text. Our Homerun Slides talk about the value of using SGLT-2 inhibitors with incretin mimetics and, just in time for New Year’s, our Mastery In Minutes video with Brian Wansink will give you a few simple tips to pass on to your patients for healthier eating habits in the new year.