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Editor’s Note, DCMS #219

Dec 15, 2014

Our pharmacy was recently included in a large training program from Novo to educate pharmacists on how to use the new FlexTouch pen. This new pen eliminates the thumb throw that makes it hard for many patients to delver larger doses of insulin. One of my colleagues called and asked me how to do it so I sent him this video. It looked so simple that he wondered why we would even need to train the patient. However if you check out this week’s Disaster Averted you will see why they developed the training program and why even the most experienced patient could benefit.

This week’s Homerun Slides look at how cellular inflammation could cause and worsen diabetes, and our Clinical Text focuses on the often overlooked symptoms and treatments of gastrointestinal problems. Our Mastery In Minutes video wraps up our interview with Dr. Aaron Vinik as he talks about how knowing what their numbers mean can be a strong motivator for patients.