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Editor’s Note, DCMS #217

Nov 30, 2014

It appears that the weather this winter may turn out to be worse than last year’s. Even here in sunny St. Petersburg, Fla., I had to pull out the winter gear for cycling. During these cold times patients often complain about their feet hurting more than usual. This could be because the cold makes them hurt more, or that the decrease in humidity makes them drier and more likely to burn and crack, and it could even be due to decreased circulation because they can’t get out to walk as much as they would like.

All of these things have a much greater effect on our patients who suffer from neuropathy and so this week our issue focuses on helping these patients. Our Clinical Text looks at foot problems in diabetes and our Diabetes Disaster Averted reminds us that just because a shoe is custom made doesn’t mean it is perfect. One of our advisory board members, Dr. Aaron Vinik, took some time with our publisher, Steve Freed, to talk about new medication approaches to neuropathy.

And finally for those of you who keep messaging me to send more slides from our current series on diabetes and cardiovascular care, Dr. Stanley Schwartz is back with Part 8 of the series.