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Editor’s Note, DCMS #216

Nov 24, 2014

Every time we talk to a patient newly diagnosed with diabetes we talk about the kidneys, the feet, and the eyes, and what can happen if we let our glucose levels run rampant. We focus on this because the concept of microvascular complications has been beaten into our heads since we first learned about diabetes. But what if I told you that macrovascular complications were worse? This week our Clinical Text homes in on the reasons that we should actually be more concerned about macro complications and what we can do to treat them. Our Mastery In Minutes video continues our interview with Dr. Aaron Vinik in which he also reviews why our focus on keeping glucose levels down may not help as much as we’d like for macrovascular issues.

Our Homerun Slides look at Adipocytokine Syndrome, how this affects cardiovascular problems in diabetes patients and how we can treat it, while our Diabetes Disaster Averted looks at why knowing how long rapid insulin lasts can keep your patient out of the ER