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Editor’s Note, DCMS #215

Nov 18, 2014

A little over five years ago, a small company came to market with a low-dose rapid-acting dopamine receptor agonist with a claim that it could reset metabolism endpoints in the neuroendocrine system. Soon as prescribers heard the word “dopamine,” red flags went up and prescribing has gone nowhere. This week in our Homerun Slides, there is one slide from our advisory board member, Dr. Stanley Schwartz,  that puts into perspective why this drug should be used more often and how important dopamine is in the whole body in relation to CVD and diabetes. 

Recently, our publisher turned his video recorder on one of our advisory board members, Dr. Aaron Vinik. For this week’s Mastery in Minutes, they discussed, “How Does Glycemic Control Relate to CV Diseases?”

If both Schwartz and Vinik are talking about it, then you know it is important!

The last part of Joe Cook’s Exclusive Interview on souping up metformin is here and our text in Clinical Gems continues our in-depth look at CVD by covering hypertension.