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Editor’s Note, DCMS #212

Oct 27, 2014

Patients often have to deal with problems we never think of and that makes it hard for them to manage their diabetes. This becomes most important when our patients are insulin users, especially if they have tactile problems or arthritis or joint problems. We try to make things easier by using devices like insulin pens or patch pumps but we often forget to take into consideration what we want to write for and what their insurance pays for. This week, in our Disaster Averted, a patient’s solution to a gripping problem caused a big problem that could have gone unnoticed.

Our Clinical Text looks at the identification and classification of diabetic nephropathy and how we can best treat our patients, and our Homerun Slides from Dr. Stanley Schwartz address the reasons that hypoglycemia can be as bad as or worse than hyperglycemia when it come to cardiovascular problems. Our Mastery In Minutes video also features Dr. Schwartz as he talks about how he approaches the treatment of his patients with prediabetes.