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Editor’s Note, DCMS #208

Sep 29, 2014

The FDA works really hard these days to come up with new brand names that will lessen the chance of drug choice confusion. Often times we wonder how they can come up with these names and what meaning they have. With this in mind, this week’s Diabetes Disaster Averted points out what can happen when a new device for the same medication comes to market and the dosing is different.

Our Homerun Slides continue to explain the hows and whys of psychoeducation for diabetes patients, and our Clinical Text looks at DKA and contrasts this with HHS and ketoacidosis, and why you need to understand the differences. You won’t want to miss our Mastery In Minutes video this week with Dr. Stanley Schwartz as he discusses his groundbreaking presentation at this year’s ADA of a new "Beta-Cell Centric" classification system for diabetes.