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Editor’s Note, DCMS #188

May 12, 2014

Each and every month we have been providing you with the best information on GLP-1 agonists with our monthly special editions. Many of you send me emails thanking us for the information and how you have been able to incorporate the knowledge into your practice. This week our Clinical Text from Dr. Richard Beaser, of the Joslin Diabetes Center, focuses on how the incretin effect works and what GLP-1 agonists do physiologically. He also takes the time to talk about using bile acid sequestrants and how they can improve A1c and cholesterol.

In our Homerun Slides, Dr. Stanley Schwartz discusses his diabetes drug choices to minimize A1c and weight, and our Diabetes Disaster Averted looks at the problem of what happens when the wrong buttons on Electronic Prescribing Software are pushed. In this week’s Mastery In Minutes video, Dr. Peter Nilsson gives us some surprising insights into how different health metrics are measured and how that has changed over the past 30 years.