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Editor’s Note, DCMS #185

Apr 21, 2014

U-500 is a small word that causes a lot of fear in the hearts of some physicians, pharmacists and patients. This regular insulin marketed by Eli Lilly as Humulin R U-500 is without a doubt the hardest insulin to work with. Converting doses, figuring days supply, and writing directions can be very difficult for professionals who don’t use this insulin often. This week, in our Disaster Averted, we look at what ISMP and Lilly are doing to try to eliminate these errors.

Our Homerun Slides bring together the use of Pharmacotherapy, Diet Modification and Surgery for managing weight in diabetes, and this week’s text goes in-depth in to the selection and use of medications for diabetes, while our Mastery In Minutes video with Dr. Philipp Scherer explores why brown fat seems to burn more calories than white or "beige" fat.