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Editor’s Note DCMS #183

Apr 7, 2014

Now that the weather is warming up and thoughts of summer are starting to creep into the minds of many of our patients the idea of looking good at the pool or the beach has led to more ads on ways to lose weight fast. These ads often focus on a diet plan, food choice plan or even surgery. Since our diabetes patients are not immune to these ads they will more than likely be coming to you for a "quick" solution. This week in Part 3 of his latest Homerun Slides series Dr. Stanley Schwartz gives us some background on why obesity is so prevalent and some hard facts you can share with your patients as to which plans or surgeries are the best.

Our Clinical Text has a great section on treating DKA and HONK, and our Disaster Averted from ISMP looks at how hypoglycemia can happen in pump patients when they least expect it. Our Mastery In Minutes video will give you some insight into the genetics of why some people can be obese but still relatively healthy.