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Editor’s Note, DCMS #180: Adisopathy & Obesity

Mar 17, 2014
We know that obesity can lead to diabetes and often we focus on that in prediabetes, but as soon as someone is diagnosed with diabetes we change our focus to treating diabetes, and "live" with the obesity and weight gain. This week, in the final slides of this series by Dr. Stanley Schwartz about Adiposopathy & Obesity, he looks at diabetes medications and how they can either benefit or undermine weight management in type 2 patients

Our Disaster Averted looks at how the words basal and bolus can get totally mixed up even with experienced patients, and our Clinical Text reinforces some of the choices that Dr. Schwartz suggests for medications in his slides. Our Mastery In Minutes video is with Dr. John Anderson, and he discusses why we can’t always rely on just the numbers.