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Editor’s Note, DCMS #172: ‘Sedentarism’

Jan 20, 2014

Each year there is a contest to find out which new word added to the dictionary is the most popular. Many of you know that the winner this year was ‘selfie’, a self-taken picture which gets posted on Facebook and other social media sites. But when it comes to our patients, I think the word should be ‘sedentarism’ which refers to patients who get less than 30 minutes of daily activity. This week our Clinical Text looks at physical activity and exercise including some classifications and recommendations for our patients.

Our Diabetes Disaster easily could happen with all the new medications coming out, and our Homerun Slides close in on what it takes to treat DeFronzo’s Octet. Our Mastery In Minutes video features Dr. Robert Gabbay, of the Joslin Diabetes Center, who talks about PCMH’s and shared savings programs.