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Editor’s Note, DCMS #137

May 19, 2013

I just finished up a two day advisory board meeting for an insulin manufacturer. We looked at some new products and studies as well as new ideas about diabetes care. Part of our discussion had to do with the increased use of EMRs (electronic medical records), EHRs (electronic health records) and electronic prescribing. During this conversation a couple of my colleagues complained about how difficult it is at times to get the exact orders for insulin into the system. They also felt that hospital orders could be even more challenging to input. Many of you may agree with my colleagues but after your read this week’s Disaster Averted, you will probably want to do every insulin order electronically.

Be sure to check out part 4 of our Homerun Slides where we finish up our discussion of Quality Measures in Cholesterol and Diabetes Management and find out why these quality ratings are so important for our patients and our financial survival.

Most of us think of insulin as the only medication for type 1 diabetes although some practitioners will occasionally give their type 1 patients metformin. This week, Jeremy Hodson Pettus, MD, and Steven Edelman, MD, discuss the use of adjunct therapies for type 1 patients.

This week’s Mastery In Minutes video features Lynne Raphael, RD, CDE, and Cathy Wielgus, RN, CDE, as they explain why intensive management of diabetes in pregnancy is so important.