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Editor’s Note, DCMS #117

Dec 31, 2012

In last Friday’s newsletter, I had some interesting insights into the use of patient surveys and how the way these are written can affect a provider’s overall scores. This week we have a Mastery In Minutes video from Andrew VanZee, MHA, FACHE, on how Gathering Patient Data Together, Making It More Accessible to Patients, and HIPAA can be incorporated into these rating surveys.

Most of us think of the sulfonylureas whenever we think of hypoglycemia caused by oral medications and often times we are hesitant to use them for our patients. However because of the low cost and great potential for lower A1c’s these medications end up being used quite a bit by a great number of practitioners. This week our Clinical Text from Diabetic Emergencies: Diagnosis and Clinical Management, delves into how these drugs actually work and how to use them successfully. They have also included a couple of lists as to how other drugs can affect the risk for hypoglycemia. After you read this article I recommend you check out and download our entire list of drugs that can affect glucose levels.

Our diabetes Disaster Averted looks at the question of heartburn vs. heart attack, and with this week’s Homerun Slides we begin a very important short series on Achieving Glycemic Control in Hospitals