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Editor’s Note: Balancing Weight Loss and Glucose Control

Nov 29, 2010

Weight loss and glucose control– the Holy Grail of diabetes care. We see it over and over again. Obesity often leads to diabetes and then the battle begins: get the weight down, keep the A1c down, be more aggressive managing both and reduce the risk of complications. Often it seems impossible to decrease weight and A1c together: many times we just try to find a happy medium. This week Dr. Edelman discusses the use of pramlintide for A1c lowering and weight control, as well as how many patients get to goal with the combination of basal insulin and pramlintide. Our Homerun Slides on pramlintide give you the information to discuss the results you can expect with your colleagues and our Disaster Averted points out the value of your patients having a local pharmacist to help them with their medications and decrease errors.