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Editor’s Desk: The Glycemic Index and How to Use It

Aug 20, 2012

Each week patients come to our classes with a new way to control their glucose levels. One of the methods of choosing foods that we often discuss is the Glycemic Index. This rating of the glucose raising effects of different foods was first brought to us by the staff at the University of Toronto. I have had patients come to me with some weird ways of using these values. Last week an older female patient informed me that to get the average of her meal she takes the total glycemic index number of everything on her plate and divides it by the diameter of the plate to come up with the average. Obviously this indicates the misconceptions that exist about the glycemic index. This week’s excerpt from JOSLIN’S DIABETES DESKBOOK – A Guide for Primary Care Providers, has everything you want to know about the glycemic index and how to use it.

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