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Editor’s Desk, DCMS #240

May 10, 2015

When I am discussing the value of physical activity with patients I will often start bending my left ring finger repeatedly and tell the patients that, "I can lower glucose just by doing this. However it is a small muscle and it will take a lot of repetitions." The goal of the message is to get them to do something small every single day. This week Dr. Joseph Houmard is back with a new video that points to the value of repeated exercise, and why we need to change our thinking in healthcare from weight loss to weight maintenance and building consistent physical fitness.

Our Homerun Slides look at the ADA guidelines on bariatric surgery, and our Disaster Averted talks about why sometimes you have to push a family member to take an active role in the diabetes care of the patient. Dr. David Levy shares more information on caring for renal problems in this week’s Clinical Text.

If you are attending the AACE meeting in Nashville this week and would like to share some of your thoughts on how things are going in the diabetes world with our staff, please email me at and we will set up an interview time that is convenient for you.