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Editor’s Desk, DCMS #238

Apr 27, 2015

It seems that patients often fall into two categories when they get diagnosed with diabetes. They either get serious and try to do everything to reverse their disease or they just ignore it and figure it will go away. This week our Clinical Mastery Series newsletter looks at both categories.

Our Homerun Slides look at the ADA Guidelines and when we should encourage our patients to take their readings seriously, and how often testing should occur. This week’s Diabetes Disaster Averted looks at what can happen when someone gets overzealous about their diabetes and exercise routine, and how medication adjustments must be made. Our Clinical Text goes after those patients who just don’t care by starting a discussion on Renal Complications of DiabetesFinally, Dr. Joe Houmard talks about the benefits of aerobic exercise versus anaerobic exercise for those patients who really want to make their own difference.