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Editor’s Desk, DCMS #141

Jun 17, 2013

We are moving closer to the full bore effect of the Affordable Care Act and although there are many opinions as to how good or bad the idea is, it has increased healthcare coverage for many Americans. Part of the program’s positive ideas includes more emphasis on prevention and wellness, and this focus is spilling over into the private sector opening up healthcare opportunities. To help you understand the current trends, check out our Homerun Slides, Wellness Initiatives in the Workplace.

Insulin errors fill our Disasters Averted very often and most of the examples turn out bad for patients. This week we have a complete feature on Prevention Strategies for Diabetes Disasters with a big focus on risk reduction and monitoring. Our Clinical Text brings you part 3 of Adjunct Therapies including GLP-1’s as well as some other less familiar strategies. Dr. Steven Blair features in our Mastery In Minutes video this week, as he talks about ways to motivate patients to include a little more physical activity in their lives.