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Editor’s Desk, DCMS #113: Upcoming Changes in the Healthcare System

Dec 3, 2012
This past weekend I delivered a talk on "Provider Evolution: Medical Homes and Accountable Care Organizations (ACOs)" to a large group of medical professionals. Two of the slides stood out like big red bullseyes. The first ranked the overall quality of health care among seven of the world’s most progressive nations and showed the US in seventh place. What was amazing was that the second slide showed that we spend almost twice the per capita amount of these other countries, but our cost of health expenditures as part of GDP is about twice the percentage.
A large part of this is blamed on the highly fragmented health care system we have in the US today, and ACO’s are an attempt by multiple players to de-fragment the system. Last Friday our main newsletter had an item on the Obstacles to ACO Development and this week we delve even further into this idea of defragmentation and ACOs. Our publisher, Steve Freed, caught up with Dr. Dave McCulloch, University of Washington, for a video interview and got his insights into what we can learn from the British healthcare system and why we should be paid based on the quality of care we provide. Our PharmD Candidate, Migena Peno, has put together a Homerun Slides series that takes you from a primer on ACO’s to how to implement one in your practice.