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Editor’s Desk, #125: Special Feature Article from ISMP

Feb 25, 2013

Every week our readers share their stories of Diabetes Disasters Averted with us and most of the time these real-life experiences deal with insulin. There are many techniques and procedures that have been developed in order to help prevent these errors but still insulin is always at the top on everyone’s list of diabetes treatment errors. This week we are sharing a clinical reminder report from the Institute for Safe Medication Practices, about The Safe Use of Insulin Vials.

For the past couple of weeks we have shared information on testosterone with you in our Homerun Slides. This week we finish up the series with part 3 and this is probably the most important information you can use. Our intern, Sara Dempsey, looks at treatment options, and adds some great details on how long each one can take to make a difference, how important this is for diabetes and what to do if none of the treatment options work.

We all know how important planning ahead for sick days is, and this week our Clinical Text from Diabetic Emergencies: Diagnosis and Clinical Management, gets into the details with Sick Day Rules in Diabetes.

In this week’s Mastery In Minuntes video interview, our publisher Steve Freed, caught up with Ann Albright, PhD, RD, and Director, Division of Diabetes Translation, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, at last year’s ADA, to find out what innovative measures the CDC is working on to slow the diabetes epidemic.