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Duodenal Mucosal Resurfacing as a Treatment Option for Type 2 Diabetes 

Feb 22, 2020
Editor: Steve Freed, R.PH., CDE

Author: George McConnell, PharmD. Candidate, LECOM School of Pharmacy 

A new, less invasive take on bariatric surgery may hold promise in the treatment of type 2 diabetes.  

Bariatric surgery has been increasingly used in patients with class I, II, and III obesity. While bariatric surgery is an effective way to help aid glycemic control, with increasing rates of diabetes and obesity, bariatric surgery may not be scalable, as most procedures are invasive and have some morbidity. It has been suggested that changing how nutrients are presented to the duodenum is one reason why improvements are seen after bariatric surgery. Importantly, this alteration does not appear to lead to malabsorption of nutrients. The ease of access to the duodenum makes it an attractive target for potential interventions. The endoscopic duodenal mucosal resurfacing in this study was performed using catheters that were advanced using guidewires alongside the endoscope....

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Duodenal Mucosal Resurfacing as a Treatment Option for Type 2 Diabetes 
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