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Drugs & Bugs – MPR

Dec 20, 2013

Monthly Prescribing Reference
$5.99 iOS/$5.99 Android

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The Drugs & Bugs app by Monthly Prescribing Reference (MPR) is an essential resource for allied healthcare professionals, clinicians, and residents who care for patients with infectious diseases. It is also a useful reference guide for students receiving clinical training. It provides comprehensive, information on an anti-infective spectrum of efficacy against microorganisms. Use the searchable alpha indexes or search the Bugs and Drugs by infection type or drug class to begin your query. 


  • A database of more than 300 anti-infective agents and nearly 280 pathogens
  • Datasets for Fungal, Malarial, Protozoal-Parasitic infections, and Scabies and Lice
  • Smart Search capability by pathogen, type of infection, brand and generic drug names
  • Quick-to-read spectrum of activity results
  • Comprehensive drug monographs for anti-infectives
  • Useful comparative charts by drug class
  • Clinical calculators
  • Updated frequently by pharmacists, reviewed by physicians

Overall Impressions from Around the Web: 

Mixed reviews so far which is surprising considering this was put together my MPR. They seem to be working out a few glitches so this may be worth checking out a little later down the road. However, if you are feeling adventurous, some users do report that they are having no problems and find the app excellent.

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