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Dr. Yehuda Handelsman, Part 1 – Comprehensive Diabetes Care

Sep 27, 2016

Dr. Yehuda Handelsman talks with Diabetes in Control Publisher Steve Freed at the 2016 AACE Meeting. In part 1 of this Exclusive Interview, Dr. Handelsman explains the necessity of comprehensive diabetes care: a comprehensive approach when it comes to the physicians’ management of diabetes.

Dr. Yehuda Handelsman, MD, FACP, FACE, FNLA is an endocrinologist in private practice and Medical Director & Principal Investigator of the Metabolic Institute of America. He is a nationally and internationally recognized authority on obesity, insulin resistance, pre-diabetes, and the comprehensive approach to treating diabetes and controlling all cardiovascular risks. He is a pioneer and leader in the understanding of the body’s metabolic and energy systems, fat, and the gut-brain connection. Dr. Handelsman is the past president of the American Association of Clinical Endocrinologists and the president-elect of the Pacific Lipid Association.