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Current Video Interviews: Dr. Scott Isaacs

Dr.ScottIsaacsDiabetes in Control speaks with top endocrinologists and other medical professionals to bring you the latest in diabetes news and research. This week, we have a special interview with one of the presenters at the AACE 26th Annual Scientific & Clinical Congress in Austin, Texas, Dr. Scott Isaacs, who shares his knowledge about endocrinology, obesity, and medical weight loss.

Dr. Scott Isaacs, MD, FACP, FACE is an endocrinologist and adjunct instructor of Medicine at Emory University School of Medicine, Division of Endocrinology, Metabolism and Lipids. He is also an obesity medicine specialist and medical director at Atlanta Endocrine Associates where he focuses on endocrinology and medical weight loss. Dr. Isaacs is the author of several best-selling books on hormones and weight loss.

Featured videos include:

Treating T1 Vs T2 Diabetes

Pharmaceuticals for Diabetes and Weight Loss

Nutrition and Physical Activity

or view the complete interview here: Complete Interview