Diabetic Coach

Aug 27, 2016

By Think Safe

iOs/ $.99

Diabetic Coach 1Diabetic Coach 2Would you know what to do in a diabetic seizure emergency situation? There are simple solutions to ensuring you have what it takes to help a family member, co-worker, child, or stranger in need of emergency first aid. Don’t just stand by and watch helplessly, be prepared to be the First Voice.

Diabetes is a chronic condition that may manifest itself through neurophysical spasms, often referred to as convulsions. A convulsion or seizure is a violent spasm or involuntary contraction of muscles caused by abnormal electrical activity in the brain. Millions of people suffer from diabetic seizures.

Diabetic Coach helps you know what to do when you suddenly find yourself in an emergency event that requires diabetic seizure assistance. By giving step-by-step, yes/no questions Diabetic Coach provides you with a Lay Rescuer-level set of instructions that help everyone from the trained to the untrained know how to give proper diabetic seizure assistance.

Diabetic Coach benefits:

  • Real-time, step-by-step instructions coaching through an emergency diabetic situation (not just a reference guide)
  • One touch, step-by-step instructions through breathing and chocking emergencies
  • Real-time, audible step-by-step instructions for CPR rescue
  • Real-time, audible pacing and breathe instructions during CPR
  • Nearest ER location finding assistance utilizing Google Maps (data/wifi connection required)
  • Emergency Intake Questionnaires for documenting key information for EMTs when they arrive on scene
  • Emergency instructions stored on your iPhone, so you have access to step-by-step instructions any time

To download: iOs