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Physical Activity

Physical Activity and Exercise for Diabetics: Diabetes in Control answers key questions about the uses and challenges of physical for diabetes management, including:
– How physical activity affects diabetes patients
– How/when a healthcare professional should or should not use exercise as a treatment for diabetic patients
– What does a healthcare professional needs to know to enhance the safety of physical activity for diabetes patients

The Anti-Inflammatory Effects of Physical Activity for Competitive Athletes and People with Diabetes Alike


By Sheri Colberg, PhD The buzz words these days when it comes to metabolic disease prevention are "antioxidant status" and "inflammation." We extoll the possible benefits of taking antioxidant supplements like vitamin E and alpha-lipoic acid to prevent cardiovascular, eye, and other diseases. We continually hear about how natural antioxidants …

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Guide to Physical Activity and Your Heart

Guide to Physical Activity and Your Heart This booklet will help your patients understand the impact of physical activity on their heart, as well as the power of regular activity to help keep healthy. It also offers plenty of ideas on starting a physical activity program that will be both …

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