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Physical Activity

Physical Activity and Exercise for Diabetics: Diabetes in Control answers key questions about the uses and challenges of physical for diabetes management, including:
– How physical activity affects diabetes patients
– How/when a healthcare professional should or should not use exercise as a treatment for diabetic patients
– What does a healthcare professional needs to know to enhance the safety of physical activity for diabetes patients

Joslin’s Diabetes Deskbook, Updated 2nd Ed., Excerpt #27: Physical Activity for Fitness, Part 4


Richard S. Beaser, MD, Edward S. Horton, MD and Catherine A. Mullooly, MS, RCEP, CDE  The week’s excerpt answers the following questions:  How much resistance training is needed to improve insulin sensitivity Frequency, duration and intensity levels required Self-care skills applied to physical exertion Individualized physical activity for type 2 …

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Finesse Disposable Insulin Patch Pump


Finesse Disposable Insulin Patch Pump  Finesse is a small, flat, disposable, mealtime insulin delivery patch that is about one-quarter inch thick and just a little longer than a mid-sized paper clip. Entirely mechanical with no batteries, no electronics, no separate infusion sets, it stays comfortably adhered for up to three …

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