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Insulin Therapy Center

Insulin Therapy for Diabetes: Diabetes in Control answers key questions about the uses and challenges of insulin in diabetes management, including:
– How insulin is used to treat diabetes
– How/when a healthcare professional should consider insulin therapy for diabetes patients
– What a healthcare professional needs to know about making insulin therapy safe and effective

Patient’s Plan to “Stop All of My Medicine” Not a Good Idea…

The patient, a woman, 52 years of age, has type 2 diabetes and is on metformin, a GLP-1 agonist, and a long-acting insulin. Over the past few months, I’ve received calls and emails from her every now and then to let me know her glucose levels were rising, but whenever …

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Increase in Inflammation Linked to High Traffic Pollution for Those on Insulin

Two-year study finds markedly increased C-reactive protein compared to those living in lower traffic areas… Individuals taking oral diabetes medications did not experience increases in CRP concentration. The study builds on the research team’s previous work suggesting that oral diabetes medications may provide a protective effect against inflammation for people …

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