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Diet & Nutrition

Diet and Nutrition for Diabetes Patients: Diabetes in Control answers key questions about diet and nutrition for diabetes patients including:
– How diet contributes to or protects against diabetes
– New dietary regimens healthcare professionals can use for diabetes management
– What a healthcare professional needs to know about altering diet

Low-Fat Diets vs. Low-Carb Diets

Dietary fat restrictions might be more beneficial to people with obesity than low-carb diets… Low-carb diets have become increasingly popular within recent years as many publications claim that low-carb diets result in decreased insulin secretions, elevated release of free fatty acids from adipose tissues, and increased fat oxidation and energy …

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High Fiber Diets Reduce Risk of Diabetes

Cereal, vegetable fiber most effective against development of type 2 diabetes… Findings from 18 other studies throughout countries including the United States and Asia had previously found that fiber reduces type 2 diabetes. There was no indication as to the type of fiber that may be most likely to do …

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