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Medical Devices for Diabetes Management: The following articles answer key questions about the use and application of medical devices for diabetes patient care including:
– What do they do and how?
– What medical device options are available for diabetes management?
– When should a medical device be considered?

Dr. Larry Hirsch, Part 4: Infusion Set Comparison

Diabetes in Control publisher Steve Freed met with Dr. Larry Hirsch, Vice President of Global Medical Affairs for the Diabetes Care Business at BD at the 2015 ADA Sessions in Boston. In this final installment, Dr. Hirsch summarizes his ADA 2015 presentation, including a comparison of the BD infusion set to the current popular model, and images showing the fluid within infusion sets as captured by MRI and ultrasound.

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Know Your Pen Needles

In a follow-up visit for an insulin-requiring patient with type 2 DM, it was obvious that the management of his DM had deteriorated. According to his girlfriend, this patient ate only 1-2 meals a day, but they tended to be high-carbohydrate meals. We reviewed the patient's insulin regimem in detail and ascertained that he was using the sliding scale correctly.

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Imperium: World’s First Instant Insulin Patch

Unilife Corporation has launched the world’s first instant insulin patch, Imperium. Imperium is a prefilled, preassembled, multi-day wearable insulin pump for continuous subcutaneous insulin infusion and on-demand bolus delivery through the push of a button. It is equipped with Bluetooth connectivity to wirelessly connect with smartphone apps for patient reminders …

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Next Generation Google Glucose Monitoring Devices in the Making


Possible new technology to replace fingerstick glucometers… Google has collaborated with DexCom, a company specializing in glucose monitoring devices to develop a revolutionary low-cost miniature glucometer that could replace the fingerstick glucometer. The new device is a wearable sensor that continuously monitors glucose levels and transmits real-time information via Cloud. …

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BREAKING NEWS: Advancement for Kids and Adults with Diabetes

First and only full mobile continuous glucose monitoring (CGM) system for adults and children as young as 2 years old… Diabetes patients and families nationwide have something to cheer about—no more separate receivers! The FDA just announced approval of the Dexcom’s G5® Mobile Continuous Glucose Monitoring (CGM) System, which sends …

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