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Medical Devices for Diabetes Management: The following articles answer key questions about the use and application of medical devices for diabetes patient care including:
– What do they do and how?
– What medical device options are available for diabetes management?
– When should a medical device be considered?

Insulin Pump Mystery


“One of our pump-using patients reported a sudden increase in blood glucose lasting several days. No ketones were present, but the blood glucose was chronically elevated (300 mg/dl plus). Changing infusion sets didn’t fix it. Rotating to a new body part nor did switching to a fresh vial of insulin. We …

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A Review of Insulin Pen Devices

Emily K. McCoy, PharmD and Bradley M. Wright, PharmD, BCPS Abstract: Optimization of glycemic control is a fundamental aspect of diabetes management, and rates of diabetes-related microvascular complications are significantly decreased when glycemic control is improved. Currently, > 5 million Americans require insulin therapy to manage their diabetes, and this …

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