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Diabetes Clinical Mastery Series Issue 64

Table of Contents


Editor's Note: New Homerun Slides on CVD

Over the past weeks we have shared some great slides on Advanced Glycation End-products, and there's a lot linking these...

Psychology in Diabetes Care, 2nd. Ed, Part 9

Edited by Frank J. Snoek and T. Chas Skinner Diabetes in Adolescents

Diabetes Disaster Averted #64: Long-Time Insulin Users Still Make Errors

I recently met with a patient to confirm his understanding of a correction schedule based on his pre-meal blood glucose. He'd been on insulin for more than 12 years.  On the 70/30 correction schedule, he and his wife were both able to find the...


Diabetes Mellitus 101 for Medical Professionals, Part 1 of 9

This week we begin a new Homerun Slides series on Diabetes Mellitus 101 for ...

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