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Diabetes Clinical Mastery Series Issue 62

Table of Contents


Editor's Note: Kids and Adherence to Medication

Medication adherence plays an important role in patient care, but sometimes patients become complacent and lose focus on their care. When we talk about kids with type 1 diabetes, when parents and other caregivers are involved, the problem can...

Psychology of Diabetes Care, 2nd Ed: Diabetes in Children, Part 7

Edited by Frank J. Snoek and T. Chas Skinner Diabetes in School-aged Children

Diabetes Disaster Averted #62: 'Double Dosage'

Several months ago I saw a patient with an approximately 15 yr history of DM2. He was seeing a primary care provider and an endocrinologist. On reviewing his medications I realized that he was taking Glucophage XR 750 tid and metformin...


Overview of AGEs, Part 3 of 4

This week we continue our Homerun Slides series on Advanced Glycation End-products...

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