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Diabetes Clinical Mastery Series Issue 52

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Editor's Note: Our One-Year Anniversary

This week marks one year since we started delivering our Diabetes Clinical Mastery Series newsletter, and Steve, Andrew, Heather and I appreciate the...

Managing Clinical Problems in Diabetes, Case Study #23: Type 1 and Pre-Teens

Edited by Trisha Dunning AM, RN, MEd, PhD, CDE, FRCNA and Glenn Ward MBBS, BSc, DPhil (Oxon), FRACP, FRCPath

Diabetes Disaster Averted #52: Heparin and Insulin Mix-Up

How can injectable heparin wind up in an insulin syringe? Your first thought may be a vial mix-up in which a nurse, pharmacist, or pharmacy technician accidentally drew heparin into an insulin syringe, believing it was insulin. But...


Pathophysiology in the Treatment of Type 2 Diabetes: Newer Agents, Part 5 of 5

This week we conclude our five-part series of Homerun Slides on Pathophysiology in the...

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