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Issue 98


Issue 98 Item 1 Exercise in a Pill Fools Body, Has the Effect of Active Exercise

Run a mile sitting in your chair. The AMPK system is activated in cells when they run short of energy, and it triggers the uptake and metabolism of glucose and fats

Issue 98 Item 2 A Case of Liver Injury Reported After Pioglitazone Use

A Warning to remind you to order that liver test!

Issue 98 Item 3 Diabetes Signs Start Sooner Than Expected

Study shows that complications can occur even with “Pre-Diabetes

Issue 98 Item 4 Government Labels IGT as “Pre-Diabetes”

Tommy Thompson said that people with pre-diabetes can take meaningful steps now to reduce their risks and avoid having diabetes."

Issue 98 Item 5 Metformin Found Safe and Effective for Children

Metformin significantly improved blood sugar control in children with Type 2 diabetes

Issue 98 Item 6 Intensive Lifestyle Changes Are Necessary to Improve Insulin Sen

Aerobic Fitness is the major difference in improving insulin sensitivity.

Issue 98 Item 7 The Diabetes Team Works, Saves $27,000 per Patient

The diabetes Teamwork In Action saves $27,000 in health care costs per patient

Issue 98 Item 8 A Low-Sodium Diet Potentiates the Effects of Losartan in Type 2

A low-sodium diet potentates the antihypertensive and antiproteinuric effects of losartan in type 2 diabetes

Issue 98 item 9 Sexual Dysfunction in Women With Type 1 Diabetes

Women with diabetes are clearly at risk for decreased desire and dyspareunia and that especially the arousal phase can be affected.

Issue 98 Item 10 Attitudes of Internal Medicine Physicians Toward Type 2 Diabete

Internists have certain negative attitudes toward diabetes.

Issue 98 item 11 Alcohol Linked to Decreased Hypertension Risk in Young Women

Moderate alcohol consumption can lead to a reduced risk of developing hypertension in young women

Issue 98 Item 12 New Combination Diabetes Treatment Soon to be Launched

Avandia and metformin in one pill allowing for smaller TZD dose

Issue 98 Item 13 First Clinically Proven Therapy for the Complications of Periph

Medassist Group today announced the publication of the first clinical study to demonstrate restoration of sensation in the feet of diabetic patients with peripheral neuropathy.

Issue 98 Item 14 Hypoglycemia a Defense for Manslaughter

Man acquitted of a manslaughter charge due to his hypoglycemia defense

Issue 98 Item 15 Delaying Disability in the Elderly with Diabetes

Ace inhibitors can delay aging by affecting muscle function

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