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Diabetes Freedom Campaign Takes Awareness to The Streets, USA

Mar 15, 2005

National Diabetes Freedom Tour Hits The Road To Encourage Americans To Develop A Successful Diabetes Management Plan.

More than 18 million Americans have diabetes, and roughly 41 million more are at risk for developing the condition. In recognition of Diabetes Awareness Month, the makers of Glucerna® Bars and Shakes and FreeStyle® blood glucose monitoring systems are encouraging people across the country to pledge their commitment to diabetes management year-round.

The makers of Glucerna and FreeStyle products are hitting the road with the "Taking Diabetes Freedom to the Streets" tour encouraging people with diabetes to take the Diabetes Freedom pledge and commit to a successful diabetes management plan that includes exercise, proper nutrition and frequent blood glucose monitoring.

The "Taking Diabetes Freedom to the Streets" tour, which kicks-off March 5 in Dallas, will make stops in 22 cities across the country, visiting American Diabetes Association Expos, retail locations and Hispanic health-oriented events. Attendees will be asked to pledge their commitment to diabetes management by signing the Diabetes Freedom pledge scroll. The scroll will travel to all tour stops and will feature signatures from across the country.

People don’t have to be in attendance to take the Diabetes Freedom pledge. Those not located near a tour stop can visit http://www.diabetesfreedom.com or call 1-800-986-8935 to take the pledge by phone.

Those taking the pledge will receive valuable tools that include a guide to eating well with diabetes; a quarterly newsletter with the latest health, nutrition and fitness information; and blood glucose monitoring information to help people get on their way to successfully managing diabetes.

"Diabetes Freedom is all about taking control and successfully managing diabetes," said Richard A. Gonzalez, President and Chief Operating Officer, Medical Products Group at Abbott. "Specifically, our nutrition and diabetes monitoring businesses are working together to provide consumers with access to experts and information to help them improve their daily diabetes management. We believe that with exercise, proper nutrition, frequent blood glucose monitoring and a diabetes action plan in place, people can work with their health care professional to successfully manage their condition every day of the year."

Once individuals with diabetes take the pledge, there are a few important tips to help them stay committed 365 days a year:

— Work with health care professionals to develop a personalized diabetes management plan

— Maintain a healthy diet and exercise plan – the cornerstone to controlling diabetes and helping lower other risks associated with diabetes, such as high blood pressure, high cholesterol levels and heart disease

— Frequently monitor blood glucose levels – large-scale studies have demonstrated that the risks of long-term diabetes complications can be greatly reduced through frequent blood glucose testing and intensive management

— Encourage others to take the Diabetes Freedom pledge

— Visit http://www.diabetesfreedom.com for valuable diabetes management tools to help you stay on course with your diabetes action plan

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