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Diabetes Expenses Have Decreased but Still High

Apr 17, 2014

Out-of-pocket expenses for diabetes treatment have gone down for many U.S. patients over the past decade, according to a new study. But nearly a quarter of people with diabetes still face high expenses. In particular, (out-of-pocket) expenses declined in the people with public insurance and in people with low income between 2001 and 2011, mostly because prescription drug costs went down. The researchers examined data from ten years of a nationwide medical expenditure study. They defined people with high out-of-pocket expenses as those spending more than 10% of their family income on health care. For patients, the best way to keep expenses down is to use generic medications or look into discount cards which are available for many newer medications and reduce the co-pay. They can also make sure the test strips they select are covered by their insurance plan. Diabetes Care April 2014