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Diabetes Bone Paradox in Type 2 Diabetes

Jun 29, 2019
Editor: David L. Joffe, BSPharm, CDE, FACA

Author: Emma Kammerer, L|E|C|O|M Bradenton School of Pharmacy, PharmD Candidate

Diabetes bone paradox: why having a high bone mineral density may not always decrease the risk of fractures. 

Patients with type 1 diabetes are known for having low bone mineral density (BMD), putting them at an increased risk for bone fractures. In contrast, patients with type 2 diabetes typically present with a higher BMD, yet these patients have been found to also be at an increased risk for bone fractures. This leads to the “diabetes bone paradox” in which data has yet to provide reasoning for the fractures with normal or high BMD. Increased frailty has shown to put patients at higher risk for adverse outcomes....

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Diabetes Bone Paradox in Type 2 Diabetes
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