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Dental Air Force Home Dental Cleaning System

Dec 12, 2013

Dental Air Force Home Dental Cleaning System 


dentalairforceimageThe Dental Air Force home teeth cleaning system is an innovative appliance that is a completely new way to care for your teeth between regular dental cleaning. The system generates a precise jet of air that combines with specially formulated dental cleaner and water to blast away plaque and bio-film on the teeth an under the gum line. It leaves your mouth feeling fresh and its alkaline cleaner inhibits the growth of bio-film and plaque formation. In a recent study, with daily use, the Dental Air Force was able to lower CRP and A1c levels demonstrating that by decreasing the risk of periodontal disease your patients can also improve blood sugars.

You can learn more about the Dental Air Force at http://dentalairforce.com/ you may purchase the unit from the Diabetes In Control Store